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"Optimize Press for Wordpress Lets You Build Stunning Professional Quality Sales Pages, Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages and More  Without Resorting To Hiring Expensive Designers and Website Coders..."

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Overview of Optimize Press for Wordpress

Optimize Press for Wordpress is a powerful theme that does far more than give you a nice design for your website. Optimize Press turns your Wordpress website into the ultimate online marketing platform.

Optimize Press for Wordpress product consists of four main components. They are...

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Optimize Press Wordpress Theme

The Optimize Press Wordpress Theme comes with a multi-site personal use license, which means you can use it to create as many sites as you want - so long as you own them. The theme is far more than just a simple design change for your website. It is a complete page-building solution. You can easily create sales letters (choose from more than 10 tested designs), landing pages, launch pages, bonus pages and more without touching any HTML or CSS coding.

The theme has a built-in shortcode system that allows you to quickly add all of the design elements you could want into your pages. No more paying expensive designers to 'pretty up' your sales letters. Just point and click.

Optimize Press easily integrates with social media sites for easy sharing of content. You can easily add video to your pages. You can also create delayed call-to-action buttons, exit pop-ups, and more.

Optimize Press is a powerhouse tool for conducting product launches and special promotions. Pages can be timed to go live at precise moments and the Gateway Launch System remembers where your visitors are in your launch sequence. You can also create perpetual (evergreen) launches where every visitor is stepped through your launch funnel beginning at the moment they arrive at the site.

The Optimize Press theme also includes all of the search engine optimization (SEO) features you expect in a premium Wordpress theme.

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Graphics Pack

The Optimize Press Wordpress theme comes with a collection of professionally designed call-to-action buttons, header colors, and other relevent images to quickly add those finishing touches that make your pages look polished and professional - providing confidence to your visitors that they are dealing with a trustworthy business.

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Online Tutorial Library

With the kind of power and flexibility provided by the Optimize Press Wordpress theme, you might worry that the system is too complex for you to use. But, an extensive online tutorial library is available the clearly demonstrates the features and functions of the system so you can get the most out of your investment.

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World Class Customer Support

To make sure that your businesses website runs smoothly, Optimize Press comes with a best-in-class help desk to troubleshoot any problems you might ever encounter using the theme. An extensive FAQ section is included to help you find answers to your questions as quickly as possible.

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