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"Easy Deal Builder Software Shows You How To Rapidly Create Profitable Customized Deals  With ZERO Coding Required..."

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Overview of Easy Deal Builder Software

Easy Deal Builder Software is a new software tool the allows you to quickly and easily build deal-marketing promotions for your business. Easily create high quality professional looking landing pages and offer pages which included countdown timers to inject scarcity into your offers. Scarcity is one of the most powerful drivers in human psychology and is used by marketing professionals to get prospect to 'buy now!'

Easy Deal Builder also lets you build exit pop-ups, embed video, and quickly integrate social media sharing tools. Once your deal is up and running, you also get a full set of stats to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your offer. Deals can be imported and exported from the software to allow maximum flexibility.

Easy Deal Builder Software consists of 4 main parts. They are the Easy Deal builder Software, 3 pre-built deals with products and resale rights, 12 months of free updates and upgrades, and comprehensive video training and technical support.

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Easy Deal Builder Software

The Easy Deal Builder Software is a web application that you upload to your server. The basic package allows the software to be installed on one domain (multi-site and developer licenses are available.) Once installed, you can run an unlimited number of deals from your website.

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3 Pre-Build Deals with Resale Rights

To enable you to immediately take advantage of the software, the Easy Deal Builder package comes with 3 pre-built deals that can be uploaded once the software is installed. You will instantly have deals to promote to your customers. The deals include products with resale rights on the following topics: Super Hero Blogging, The Scarcity Principle, and the Simple Smart System marketing course. Each product is royalty free, so you keep all the profits.

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12 Months of Updates and Upgrades

For 12 months from the date of your purchase you are entitled to free updates and upgrades of the Easy Deal Builder Software. There are many new features in the works to improve the tools and you will get them all, plus bug fixes and minor improvements to the software too.

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Video Training and Professional Support

An enormous amount of planning and testing has been done to ensure that the Easy Deal Builder Software is easy to install and intuitive to use. But, even if you are a complete non-techie, the step-by-step video instructions will help you get everything working (or you can use them to train your staff.) And, in the extremely unlikely event that you do run into a problem, there is a tech support team ready to assist you.

Click here to download Easy Deal Builder Software now*

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