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"5 Day Sales Machine Shows You How To Sell More and Sell Faster  Without Resorting To Cheap Marketing Gimmicks That Make You Sound Desperate"

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Overview of 5 Day Sales Machine

5 Day Sales Machine is a new automated selling system based on Frank Kern's '4 Day Cash Machine' module which was included as a bonus in his Mass Control marketing course. Frank Kern created a marketing system based on the powerful psychological principle of SCARCITY.

Master marketers have long known the power of scarcity to persuade people to buy now. 5 Day Sales Machine takes Frank Kern's Mass Control concept, completely automates the process, and adds a graphical countdown timer to intensify the urgency in your special offer.

5 Day Sales Machine consists of 4 main parts. They are the Smart Countdown Timer Software, 2 Smart Templates, the Quick Start Training Videos, and the Bonus Bundle.

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Smart Countdown Timer Software

The Smart Countdown Timer Software is the heart of the 5 Day Sales Machine. This software tool is easily uploaded to your server and vividly injects the scarcity into your promotions. Once installed, the software automatically adds a graphic countdown timer to your offer page that is completely integrated with your email software.

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2 Smart Templates

The 2 Smart Templates provide an offer page and an expiration page that integrates with your countdown timer to flawlessly manage your time-sensative special offers. The countdown timers on your landing pages will synchronize perfectly with your email - automatically!

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Quick Start Training Videos

No need to hire expensive techies to setup your 5 Day Sales Machine promotions. The Quick Start Training Videos take you step-by-step through the process of installing the software and setting up the special offer and expiration pages for your marketing campaign. The entire process takes less than one hour.

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Bonus Bundle - Email Swipe File, Graphics Bundle, and Insider Secrets Audio Interview

The bonuses included with the 5 Day Sales Machine are the perfect compliment to the main product. The email swipe file includes the exact email sequence the product creator used to generate $8,260.51 in 5 days while testing the 5 Day Sales Machine software. You can model the exact emails and upload the results to your autoresponder.

The graphics bundle includes a variety of timer images, 'add to cart' buttons, and 'offer expired' graphics to create highly professional looking landing pages for your special offer.

The Insider Secrets Audio Interview is a detailed discussion with the marketer who beta tested the 5 Day Sales Machine. The interview includes insider insights showing you how to avoid pitfalls and maximize your success when creating your own special offer promotions.

The 5 Day Sales Machine comes with a 60 day no questions money back guarantee. Plus, if you decide this powerful marketing tool is not for you, you can keep the entire bonus package as a speial gift.

Click here to download 5 Day Sales Machine now*

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